Making Your Decision

Non-judgmental counselling is provided to all women on the day of the procedure. Kensington Clinic respects each woman’s right to privacy and her ability to make decisions. The purpose of the counselling session is to ensure each woman is choosing to have an abortion of her own free will and provide an opportunity to discuss her feelings about the abortion decision. The session will also include information about the abortion procedure, aftercare and future contraception options. Referrals to other agencies are also provided if required.

It’s your choice, your decision.

If you are unsure about whether or not to continue or terminate your pregnancy, we strongly urge you to take the time you need to explore all your options. Some women prefer to do this on their own or with trusted partners, family or friends. Others may prefer to talk to someone outside their immediate circle to help them through this process.

If you would like to meet  with one of our counsellors for options counselling before you book an appointment for an abortion, we are available Monday to Friday by appointment.  You can either come in or speak to a counsellor over the phone. Or if you would prefer to see someone outside our clinic, we recommend Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics operated by Alberta Health Services or  the Centre for Sexuality.  These are trusted providers of sexual health and counselling services.

If you choose to go somewhere else, be aware that  not all organizations offering pregnancy or abortion counselling provide accurate information or non-judgmental counselling, even though they may claim they do. For more information on choosing trustworthy, professional counseling services read our Alert.

There are also resources online that may be helpful. The Pregnancy Options website has a workbook that can assist you in examining your situation and concerns.   If you have spiritual concerns, you might find helpful discussions at Catholics For Choice or the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.