Post-Abortion Support

People may experience any number of feelings after an abortion. In fact, a whole range of feelings can be possible. There is no “right” way to feel afterwards. Most people report feeling relieved that it is over – confident that the abortion was the best choice under difficult circumstances. Research supports the fact that most people do not report regrets or severe emotional distress.

Some people experience sadness, guilt or anger. Sadness is often about the fact that a pregnancy occurred at the wrong time. It may be related to feeling a sense of loss and a need to grieve. Everyone grieves differently and the intensity will not be the same for everyone. Grief may be about the pregnancy, but also for the loss of an important relationship or even about the vision of how a person thought their life would unfold. At the same time, moving through the abortion can affirm the concept of oneself as a person who is able to handle a life crisis with courage and dignity.

Kensington Clinic offers post-abortion support to our patients who are experiencing emotional difficulties after the abortion. If you feel it would be beneficial for you to talk to a counsellor again, appointments can be arranged by calling the clinic.

There are also a number of recommended resources online that may be helpful to you including:

Peer Support Group with PILSC

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