If you have valid Alberta, Saskatchewan or Northwest Territories health insurance all fees are paid by these provincial health ministries.

If you are from any other province or territory, your provincial health insurance will only pay for a portion of the abortion procedure in an Alberta clinic.  This is because abortion clinics are allowed to reciprocally bill physician fees, but are not allowed to bill the facility fees to provincial health ministries.  If you bring your provincial health care card and photo ID and we are able to validate your health insurance with your provincial health ministry, you will only have to pay the facility fee. If you do not have appropriate documentation or we are unable to obtain verification from your home province, you will be responsible for all fees and will have to file a claim to obtain a refund for eligible services to your provincial ministry.  Hospital-based abortion clinics are able to directly bill your home province for all fees. Please call the clinic at 403-283-9117 for more information.

If you are paying for the procedure, the clinic accepts cash, Debit Cards, VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal cheques.

Post-abortion contraception may be purchased at the clinic at the time of your procedure. If you have a medical benefit plan, check with your insurer to make sure they will accept a receipt from a clinic for reimbursement. Some plans will only reimburse if a pharmacy dispenses the drug or device.

  • Copper IUD  $70
  • Mirena/Kyleena IUS  $400
  • EVRA  $30/pkg
  • Depo Provera $50/injection
  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book) $35

Oral contraceptives are not sold at the clinic but prescriptions are provided along with one sample pack when available.

Prices are subject to change without notice.