Will it hurt?

Aspiration abortion: Before the procedure begins, you will have an intravenous inserted and will be given medication to help with anxiety, to help you relax and to help with pain. You will be sedated but you will not be totally asleep.  A local anaesthetic is also administered to the cervix.  Some women will still have menstrual-type cramps during the procedure and these cramps can continue for an hour or more. While you might experience some discomfort during or after the procedure, most women find that it is controllable and does not last very long. (Some women elect to have the procedure without sedation and do so without any problems.)

Medical abortion:  Most women do not experience any cramping or bleeding after taking mifepristone at the clinic. After you take the second medication (misoprostol) at home 24-48 hours later, you will experience cramping and bleeding. Cramps can be mild to severe for a few hours during this process. Pain medication can help.

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